A wildlife corridor and love…

A wildlife corridor between the Pyrenees and Kara Kara National Park; a flogged-out unloved hill, clear-felled in the 1950s, overgrazed in the decades since, causing shame and erosion and salinity in the lower landscape.

Who is going to love it? How is it going to be healed?

Wandering Monarch

Thorold’s Hill

So a group got together 10+ years ago. We were looking for a way to give back to nature, to let it have a bit of a breather without expectation of financial gain or ownership. We chipped in and bought the old hill from Thorold, who initially thought we were crazy. Why would anyone want to love this hill? Surely we were going to put blue-gums or grapes or…..Abyssinian Armadillos on it?

 The east boundary fence in 2010. Right of fence is part of our hill a couple of years after first planting

And again, as it appeared in 2016

No, we are here to save the world, one bald, flogged-out potential wildlife corridor at a time.

Now Thorold is one of our biggest fans.

What goes on in Moonambel?

We are planting trees, nurturing a connection to country and twice a year getting together to camp, laugh, dig, get bogged (in wet years) and get into the dam for a swim in the hot times.

Kids, cake and camping

Birdwatching and muckin’ about

2012 Replanted gully taking off

You can join us

Come up and join us on the first weekend in May or the first weekend in October when the trees go in the ground.

Look what happens if you come….you become a more windswept and interesting person….

or a more youthful and energetic one….

2015 Kids working on the hilltop


Dean Bridgfoot.


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