Why not offset your travel with ReSource RICA ?

Why not make a contribution to ReSource RICA en lieu of a carbon offset? … that’s what two or three members have already done following overseas trips:

“After a family holiday to Europe we were looking at our options for buying carbon offsets for our flights. Then I thought “Why not contribute to ReSource RICA where I know every dollar contributed will see a tree in the ground?”.  The estimates of emissions and the supposed cost of offsets varies enormously – some of the offsets offered by the airlines are cheap to the point of being dodgy.  The estimates vary between 10 and 40 tonnes CO2-equivalents for our family of four’s flights on the trip.  I’ve used Greenfleet in the past, and I trust them.  Their on-line calculator for emissions matched the results of similar calculators offered by EPA and the federal government. These all put our estimated emissions at the upper end of the range. I estimate that we’ll need 5-10 trees to be planted at ReSource RICA to achieve 1 tonne CO2-equivalent abatement, so to be conservative we need to ‘sponsor’ 200-400 trees.  Greenfleet estimated we needed to pay $550 for our carbon sins. I’m much happier contributing this to ReSource RICA.  It is not a recognised offset scheme, but I know the trees would not be planted without our contribution. I also know our contribution will help to restore the landscape and habitat on that rocky Moonambel hill – as well as supporting fun tree-planting weekends.  I plan to do all my carbon off-setting via contributions to ReSource RICA from now on.”

Of course this is completely voluntary, for not everyone may be in a position to be able to afford a full offset of travel’s environmental consequences, or perhaps you have other methods of making a contribution. For this reason any and even token donations will be appreciated and well received by the project. Every little bit helps towards achieving our shared goals.


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