We have a covenant with…. Trust for Nature,

We are pleased to announce that we have been successful in our application to become a Trust for Nature property. This means we finally have our much desired covenant in place.

Thanks go out to the working group, Paul O’Connor, Sally Smith and especially to Sid Larwill and John Harvey for the work done in preparing our application and liaising with the Trust for Nature office in Castlemaine.

Also a big thanks to Kirsten from Trust for Nature, our case officer. She gave us some great feedback and I think we can proudly say that she was quite impressed with our efforts so far and the state of our land.

We don’t just get to hang a sign on the gate, this brings to the fore new responsibilities such as weed and erosion control and working to exclude livestock and pests. This influenced the decision to move the August planting to an October planting, weeding and maintenance weekend hopefully in much warmer weather.

We hope to see you in October, a little celebration might be in order.




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