Another native orchid rediscovered on the hill.

On a recent visit to the Moonambel land Dean and I noticed a small flower midway up the hill on a rocky, dry ridge. We later identified it as a Hoary sun orchid. Sun orchids open and close depending on available sunlight, fortunately the sun was out when we passed by. This is the second native orchard that’s been noticed on the block after finding a couple of Donkey orchids last October. One can only wonder what future rediscoveries await visitors with a keen eye as they traverse the slopes of the hill.


2 thoughts on “Another native orchid rediscovered on the hill.

  1. Hi Phil Great news about the sun orchid!!! You may want to change the spelling of the title – should be “Another native _orchid_… (not orchard). Spelled correctly in the article. Thanks for keeping all in the loop. Keep up the good work.

    Frances Cincotta Newstead Natives 4 Palmerston Street Newstead Vic. 3462 phone (03) 5476 2691


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