Stunning mid-autumn weather for our May gathering

We were blessed with spectacular weather for this years autumn gathering at Moonambel and I think the attendees enjoyed it almost as much as the abundant bird life. We had a fairly good turnout and the group managed to put in a bunch of trees and plants just over the harder to reach south side of the land, lately made much easier by the placement of a water tank and small shelter at the very top of the hill.

Later on Saturday afternoon we held a very pleasant and productive meeting (thanks to Carina, great job chairing) which included discussions about 20th anniversary celebrations for later in the year, (to be on held on November 20/21st) renewed engagement with the Dja Dja Warung people, the growth of the project and ideas for a video/multi-media documentation project.

Stay tuned for coming information about our 20th year celebrations which will likely include a couple of great bands and DJs. The committee has agreed on Nov 20th/21st well ahead of time so people can lock in the weekend early. We look forward to seeing you all then.


2 thoughts on “Stunning mid-autumn weather for our May gathering

  1. Excellent work Phil, but just an editing note, it was definitely the harder to get to south side rather than the north side

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