Wonderful November Weekend.

A bunch of members and supporters spent a very pleasant time on the Hill last weekend. After recent lockdowns and trying times, the emphasis was not so much on getting work done on the land but taking time to enjoy the increasingly wild surroundings and contemplating the fruits of our labours after roughly 20 years involvement with the Moonambel land.

Some highlights include, great conversation, terrific food, good weather and some sing-song from the birds and a couple of RR members. We were also thrilled to see roughly a dozen Yellow-tailed black cockatoos that alighted on our camp to check on the group.

Over the course of the weekend we were also visited by local friends of ReSource RICA, Helen, Peter, Merri and Bernard who we thank for their willingness to share their great local knowledge and experience.

We very much missed those people that couldnt make it to Moonambel this time but remember that this weekend was meant to be a celebration of our 20 year anniversary and due to Covid complications this has been postponed to sometime next year. If this weekend was a limited dry or not so dry run of things to come you wont want to miss out on the big event. We will keep you informed of future plans.


2 thoughts on “Wonderful November Weekend.

  1. What a good neighbour you have in Bernard! He came to Newstead Natives Nursery yesterday afternoon bearing seeds and cuttings he had collected from a large range of interesting mostly understorey species from Moonambel for me to propagate for ReSource Rica. I stayed up til midnight setting the cuttings as they are best done as soon as possible after cutting from parent plants. I finished the rest off this morn – 42 pots in total! They won’t all fit on my heat beds, and it will be interesting to see which do best (bottom heat or no bottom heat). Tomorrow I’ll sow the seeds. I’ll let you know how they all go!


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