The October night comes down…

“The October night comes down; returning as before
Except for a slight sensation of being ill at ease
I mount the stairs and turn the handle of the door
And feel as if I had mounted on my hands and knees.”
----- “Portrait of a Lady;” T. S. Eliot

August is upon us and the promise if not the reality of spring is in the air (somewhere behind that biting wind), and as such our thoughts go to Moonambel. But wait you romantic fools, don’t rush in. No one can stop you going to Moonambel in the last weekend of August but the October Revolution is upon us and this year our official gathering is on the weekend of 6/7 in that glorious spring month, when the earth and air are warm and receptive. So sit back, relax, read a book and enjoy the last strains of winter

Paul O’Connor

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