A Vet On Hand…Quelle Surprise

While Oli was repairing a bit of fencing he happened to disturb and slightly rough up a Shingleback Lizard which was lying under a post. Luckily we had a veterinarian on hand to have look over and give it the all clear. It was a busy morning for Phil Larwill who earlier performed surgery on a magpies’ severely broken leg.

PhilM   Photo: Vicki Nathan

October at Moonambel

We have successfully completed our first October working weekend. As hoped we experienced a couple of really sunny days and a pleasant mild night. We managed to plant about 140 plants including ironbarks, do a partial fence survey with running repairs and an assessment of the weed and maintenance situation. On the Sunday we held our AGM and partook in a small TFN fence sign hanging ceremony down at the front gate complete with a champagne toast (good champers, thanks Phil L) and hearty podium style champagne spraying by young Malachi. (old cheap champers)

On a sadder note we marked the passing of one of ReSource RICA’s earliest members, Joanie Bridgefoot with a more solemn toast around the fireplace and a few remembrances and words of appreciation.


One of the really interesting observations on the weekend were the numbers of birds present and constant chirping and singing. We have all noticed a rise in bird activity each time we visit but visiting in Spring may have been a factor as well. It bodes well for a bird survey we hope to conduct soon.

A few key points from the AGM are; welcoming Jose Mott to the committee. Resolving to hold some more fundraising activities, organising some maintenance work-bees, holding discussions concerning our relationship with Dja Dja Wurrng / first peoples as well as starting a conversation with our young people to find out how they view their relationship with Moonambel and how they may want to be involved.  Also upon realising that our weekend has clashed with school holidays and a popular social event in Castlemaine we will likely push it back a week for next time. It looks like we are in for a busy, fun year ahead.



Photos: Phil Larwill, Vicki Nathan