Winter Celebration at Moonambel

I went to the Inaugural Moonambel Winter Festival at the Recreation Reserve on Saturday night with Deb, and friends John and Christine. It was a beautiful still night with no wind and near zero temperature. The bonfire started early, with Barkly Ukulele Group kicking off the entertainment with some fine strumming, before the Pyrenees Choral Society smashed out a few classics. Punters moved between the bonfire, the hot beef rolls and the amazing fire twirling, with lots of mulled wine and coffee and stomping up and down to keep the circulation going.

Lots of large Chinese lanterns lifted into the night sky to general wonderment, especially exciting for the kids, and capped off a great night in a vibrant community.


Happy Days!

Phil Larwill


Why not offset your travel with ReSource RICA ?

Why not make a contribution to ReSource RICA en lieu of a carbon offset? … that’s what two or three members have already done following overseas trips:

“After a family holiday to Europe we were looking at our options for buying carbon offsets for our flights. Then I thought “Why not contribute to ReSource RICA where I know every dollar contributed will see a tree in the ground?”.  The estimates of emissions and the supposed cost of offsets varies enormously – some of the offsets offered by the airlines are cheap to the point of being dodgy.  The estimates vary between 10 and 40 tonnes CO2-equivalents for our family of four’s flights on the trip.  I’ve used Greenfleet in the past, and I trust them.  Their on-line calculator for emissions matched the results of similar calculators offered by EPA and the federal government. These all put our estimated emissions at the upper end of the range. I estimate that we’ll need 5-10 trees to be planted at ReSource RICA to achieve 1 tonne CO2-equivalent abatement, so to be conservative we need to ‘sponsor’ 200-400 trees.  Greenfleet estimated we needed to pay $550 for our carbon sins. I’m much happier contributing this to ReSource RICA.  It is not a recognised offset scheme, but I know the trees would not be planted without our contribution. I also know our contribution will help to restore the landscape and habitat on that rocky Moonambel hill – as well as supporting fun tree-planting weekends.  I plan to do all my carbon off-setting via contributions to ReSource RICA from now on.”

Of course this is completely voluntary, for not everyone may be in a position to be able to afford a full offset of travel’s environmental consequences, or perhaps you have other methods of making a contribution. For this reason any and even token donations will be appreciated and well received by the project. Every little bit helps towards achieving our shared goals.